Terrence has spent the last 12+ years in the financial planning industry.


Conservative 24,900 hours of obsessive focus on ONE THING


Helping people learn how to own real estate instead of relying on the unpredictable stock market, while getting rid of all the "stuff" that has kept them from building passive income with real estate.

As a result of working together, our members learn how to build a passive income real estate portfolio without having to find the right properties, deal with the contractors, look for or manage renters, or do any of the fixes.


We show how to use the "Profit Squared Method" to own more real estate with less stress and not have it turn into an 80 hour per week job.

CEO of Invictus Real Estate Group

The Investors Guide To Turnkey Real Estate is an ebook designed with one purpose in mind; to show you how to go from working for money, to money working for you, by implementing "The Profit Squared Method" strategies.

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